Supporting Entrepreneurs

Our intervention is focused on supporting entrepreneurs with a holistic business package to promote meaningful employment, positive community impact and sustainable economic growth. By harnessing the creativity, ambition and determination of Lebanese entrepreneurs, together we can make that change.


At Izdihar Libnan, we are inspired by the resilience of Lebanese civil society. We are motivated and passionate about investing in innovative, existing capacities to address the socio-economic crisis facing the country. Through partnering with entrepreneurs, we create new businesses that are vehicles for important societal and economic change, and provide a dignified path to recovery for the people of Lebanon.



When women are part of decision-making, all of society benefits. Women have a greater role to play in the Lebanese economy through a sustained and expanding presence in the market, that is linked directly to increased prosperity, voice and influence. It is important that we mainstream this culture within our behaviors and decision-making practices.


It is critical that vulnerable and marginalized populations, including those facing disabling situations, have viable and dignified pathways to be active participants in the economy. We address accessibility barriers to ensure inclusive decision-making. Our accountability practices place vulnerable and marginalized populations at the heart of our organizational goals.


Climate change is impacting marginalized communities first and worst. New businesses must be sustainable and drive toward a 100% clean energy future. Our attitudes and decisions now will impact generations to come, therefore, we ensure environmental impact is at the forefront of all business decisions.


Civil society is at the core of all transformational change in Lebanon, both present day and historically. Building strong linkages between Izdihar Libnan’s entrepreneurs and civil society is pivotal to sustainable solutions and outcomes that prioritize wellbeing at household and community levels.


While we work towards a more innovative, responsive and socially-conscious private sector, we ensure that employment growth is a pillar of our growing economy. All new businesses must contribute to increasing the employment rate. We support entrepreneurs to have a sustainability and employment growth plan to create meaningful and lasting economic opportunities.


We seek innovative solutions to both historic and modern challenges. The private sector should respond to the needs, context and market in the areas where we work. We never stop learning from the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries. We are committed to engaging with new ideas, learning, growing and adapting as an organization.


We are accountable to the communities where we work and to those who support us. We are committed to using funds we receive effectively and efficiently, in line with our objectives and free from corrupt practices. Every dollar has a purpose. We engage with entrepreneurs on a non-political and non-sectarian basis and are transparent about the risks taken and our strategy to mitigate these risks.