Samir Raad

Founder of Izdihar Libnan


Lebanon Visit

Since the first time I traveled to Lebanon with my father to learn about our family, culture, and heritage, I have been captivated by the country. Every aspect of life in Lebanon had me mesmerized and I was eager to learn more. I found every reason to return: visit more of my family, continue my university studies, and accepted an internship at the United Nations Development Program in Beirut. As time went on, I visited Lebanon more frequently and I started to see the cracks beneath the surface, understanding more that behind the bright lights, aromatic cuisine, and the stunning geography that makes Lebanon addictive, there are substantive issues that need to be recognized and addressed for the country to continue moving forward.

One-Way Ticket

In 2014, I bought a one way ticket to Lebanon to help in any way that I could. I found work for an International NGO supporting the economy, which gave me a unique insight into how we can better support communities through market interventions and targeted financial support. Even though there were times that felt hopeless, I recognized that given the right opportunity, people take action to positively impact their lives.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

Fast forward six years after moving around the Middle East supporting multiple humanitarian crises, marrying the love of my life and having two incredible little ones, and spending my covid lockdown reading and hearing from family and friends about the strife within Lebanon, it was time for me to take what I have learned and use the resources I have acquired to support Lebanon and its people. I believe by supporting entrepreneurs with a holistic business development package to start impactful new businesses that focus on having a positive community impact and promote meaningful employment, we can increase economic growth in local communities and also bring back hope where it is so desperately needed. And with that notion, and the help of many of my peers, Izdihar Libnan was formed to support entrepreneurs for a more prosperous Lebanon.



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